About us


The GEYSER Group is a construction company that rests upon the strength of its team work, and is constantly abreast of the latest trends and construction techniques. Our experienced staff has a solid reputation in the construction field. We combine on the same team abilities like talent, expertise, strategy with only one goal: to focus on achieving results.

Having demonstrated its ability to deal efficiently with various mandates, GEYSER Group has reached out to important partners and dedicated professionals in order to help achieve its mission. From data gathering to handing over keys, GEYSER Group has a distinguished record of many major projects, where lies the common theme: creativity, great adaptation to change, and in particular, dynamic individuals who are fully committed to go beyond their own limits.


Close to environmental trends, this word appeals to the forces of nature, human actions on nature and the importance of natural energy found on the land where we build, to respect geographic variations during the construction.

The symbol consists in the company’s initials, GG. It recalls the symbols of physics and chemistry. It refers to science, precision, engineering, control, attention to detail, quality, righteousness, honesty, solidity based on true construction values… as per the expertise and solidity of the business experts’ words.

The circle with the radius suggests a bright light (sun). Symbolizes strength, vision, anticipation, clear and global vision. The circle shape refers to the reassuring, encompassing side of the project, idea of a whole, the overall project.

The circle shot refers to the geyser as seen from above, which proposes here the perspective of a building construction plan. It’s the importance of seeing the project from all angles.

The rectangle evokes stability, strength, foundation and self-confidence. Circles combined with the rectangle allow bringing out not only the rigid, structured side of the rectangle but also the reassuring side of the circle. A balance!


Safety, I believe in it and I assume responsibility for it!

The workers’ health, safety and physical integrity are an overriding preoccupation for GEYSER Group and remain our first priority. The prevention program is a tool designed to execute safe work and to prevent workers’ occupational accidents and injuries. The GEYSER Group applies the ZERO TOLERANCE policy on all its construction sites and counts on its partners’ collaboration for the implementation of any measure that could be helpful in eliminating the occupational accident risks or diseases. A customized plan is designed related to the nature of the project and customer’s expectations.